Security Contractor India


Security Contractor India

We are here to provide you the specialised services in the following areas which no other small or big security contractor normally can do.

1. Devising a Clear Anti Theft Policy & Framing of Security Standing orders for the company

2. Insurance cover provided to our Valued clients upto Rs. 15 Lacs Free cost

We are insured under Policies Number 140800/46/03/00018-00019 with The New India Assurance Company Ltd. Under Public Liability Insurance and Fidelity Guarantee Insurance. In the event of any loss, damage to property suffered by the client or the third party due to negligence of our security staff while on duty provided the same is established by the court of law, our client becomes eligible to claim the loss under the above said Insurance policie. Conditions apply to the claim are as under:

a) that the client had been regularly and timely making payment of the security charges and not more than amount of One months billing is outstanding against the clients at the time of loss.

b) When either is subject to force majeure.


JSW Energy Ltd.

This is to certify that M/S CD Safey and Security Services Pvt. Ltd are providing services of Fire & Safety personnel at our plant since 2008. We found them professionally managed and are recommended to any large sized plant.They are well supportive in emergency situation and their service performances are well satisfied. We wish them all the best in their future assignment and endaevour.


H.D Manjunatha Raje Urs
Head of Safety, Fire & Securit