Cash Van Services

Cash Logistics is physical movement and storage of currency and other valuables on behalf of the banks and the ATM replenishment. For this, we provide modified cash van  as per the RBI norms.

Due to huge magnitude of operations to open up in future, it is absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of public money.

The modified cash van provided by us should conform to the following standards:-

1)Make: LMV.

2)Cash Van have three independent compartments. The compartment for storing cash is physically separated and locked from the other compartments in our cash van.

3) Security Monitoring is done with the help of GPS installed and also the controlling technology for immobilizing the cash van whenever required.

4)Cash Compartment specially reinforced with steel, having only one door, each cash boxes are secured to the floor with separate chains and provided with 2 padlocks for opening and closing with different keys.

5)A hooter, portable fire extinguishers for quick reaction are provided in the cash van .

6)Each cash van is provided with Driver, Armed Security Guards one or two depending on cash carrying limit with single/double barrel guns with valid licenses and ATM Officer/Custodians.

7)All employees are properly screened and their antecedent checked before engaging on duty.

8)We provide the best cash van services and the cash van provided by us is well equipped and modified. The driver accompanying our cash van is professionally trained and highly skillful.


Igloo Dairy Services Pvt. Ltd

This is to certify that M/S CD SAFETY & SECURITY SERVICES PVT LTD is providing us the Security, Vigilance & Detective Cover Services since last 25 years. The services provided by them are very efficient and prompt.  During the tenure of their services, they are maintaining good discipline in the premises. The company provides trouble free services. The company is professionally managed and has a discipilined efficient workforce. This certificate is issued to them on their own request.


T.V Isaac
Executive Director