security services

Security Services

We Provide you Trained Manpower & Specialised Security services India such as :-

  • Chief Security Officers
  • Security / Safety Officers
  • Security Supervisors
  • Field Officers
  • Security Guards with / without weapons
  • Fire Protection Squad.
  • Security Van / Cash Van.
  • Trained Dog Squads.
  • Lady Searchers.
  • Personal Escorts
  • Intelligence and Vigilance
  • Electronic Security System.
  • Gun Man / Revolver Man.
  • Cash Vans : We operate cash vans with proper communication Network and armed guards.

Electronic Security Systems :
Conventional manual security needs a smart back up to make an effective round the clock surveillance at important sites. It have become more than a necessity for a peaceful, safe and secure living. We would like to tell you that our Electronic Surveillance cell caters to your requirement including Access control and Time Attendance Systems, Property Protection Systems, CC TV Surveillance Systems, Fire Protection and Intruder Alarm Systems.

Industrial Unrest:

Springing up of Industrial unrest perhaps accompanied by interference with production activity and processes cause heavy losses. We have the trained staff who rush to assist you in all such circumstances to maintain peace, cordiality & provide necessary protection and finally enable you to resolve impasse.


While offering our clients all types of services as mentioned above, we also undertake to ensure the following:

a) Responsibility for all aspects of security Services at your premises.
b) To provide insurance cover to our employees.
c) No theft/pilferage occurs due to negligence of our employees.
d) Carry out Liaison with Police and arrange for their assistance in case of any problem.
e) Day & Night surprise visits by the Field Officers.
f) In case of any industrial unrest, we provide trained security personnel that rushes to assist the client to maintain peace, cordiality and provide necessary protection to avoid heavy losses in production activities and process and safe guarding of assets.
g) Devising a clear Anti-Theft Policy and framing of Security Standing Orders for the Company.
h) Insurance coverage provided to our valued client upto Rs. 15 lacs free of cost subject to certain conditions.

We assure total peace, harmony and tension-free atmosphere. We are a customer-focused organization. We depend on customers and therefore we understand their current and future needs, meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations.