Security Guards In India

Security Guards India

Security Guards are basically hired by the clients to help their people and premises safe and maintain peace and order.

They are also hired to serve as personal escorts and safety officers. The best security guards are those who have undergone the necessary training that will help them to obtain important skills and knowledge that will be critical to how well they can perform their job. We select the guards those are healthy, nimble and physically reliable, able to defend himself/herself and the client if and when necessary. An excellent security guard puts value on human life above all. In this type of job, strong concern for others is critical, allowing the guard to work at his or her best.

We ensure the following qualities in security guards being deployed by us:

  • Trained
  • Experienced
  • Honesty
  • Commonsense
  • Able to lead and to follow
  • Communication skills
  • Physical fitness
  • Value for human life
  • Ability to think on his/her feet.

Security Guards India


Igloo Dairy Services Pvt. Ltd

This is to certify that M/S CD SAFETY & SECURITY SERVICES PVT LTD is providing us the Security, Vigilance & Detective Cover Services since last 25 years. The services provided by them are very efficient and prompt.  During the tenure of their services, they are maintaining good discipline in the premises. The company provides trouble free services. The company is professionally managed and has a discipilined efficient workforce. This certificate is issued to them on their own request.


T.V Isaac
Executive Director